In a small neighborhood on a mediterrenean island, a girl wide opens the windows to absorb the glorious summer morning. The smell of fresh bread from the picturesque local “forno” lures her out of her apartment. She jumps on her bike, hastily making her way to the center of the city, intrigued by its almost surreal atmosphere.

Flowers and lemon blossoms emerge from the stone built balconies of the houses and seamlessly blend with the curtains within. Local people walking on the streets with charm. Flat ballet shoes, slim Capri pants, mariniere shirts, three quarter sleeves, fitted shirts wrapped at the waist, scarfs with geometric patterns, floral dresses. A burst of stylishness that her eyes eagerly captured.

The melodies of “Ciao” and “buona serata” travelled through the air. Somewhere towards the end of the street, where the old flower cart rests, an old canzone is heard through a half-opened balcony door.

..a magical scenery out of a different time... as if she opened a door and moved herself into it.


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