Milan, back to the 70s, where Cristiano spends his youth. He is a man with a strong personality, paying attention in every detail. His style speaks for himself.

Through Cristiano’s eyes, beauty in a woman is to dare while still being vulnerable. To dare through her character and style. He inspires his daughter Maria, encouraging her to discover her confidence and grasp hold of her imagination. He teaches her to follow her own path without compromising her innocence, authenticity, creating a bond that would connect them forever.

After years gone by, she finds herself on her personal quest for life that would lead her to Milan.
Living in the “Quadrilatero della moda”, she developed a keen eye for elegance which brought her to devote the next few years in studying fashion and design as a means of true inner expression.

Enchanted by the smell of fresh coffee, she would follow the scent as her “passeggiate” would guide her through effervescent plazas, beautiful streets and charming pedestrianized places with masterpieces of art. The sounds of the melodic Italian language, bicycles, and Vespas would flare up her imagination making her rush back to her room, where she would spend hours designing and creating a new world. It was at this moment that Maria realized her calling and Cristiano Marcheli was born.

Through her unique yet simple designs she create timeless pieces of superior quality.

  • Our Inspiration

    A brand that draws inspiration from travelling in different cities where every single element would become her compass that would point the way. Present and open, Maria absorbs what each new destination has to offer...

    Sounds, scents, and images manifest themselves in colors, patterns, and fabrics. Her style is filled with vivid imagery as she employs her sartorial creativity and determination to bring her ideas to life.

  • Our Passion

    At Cristiano Marcheli we are passionate about creating pieces that represent the modern, adventurous, spirited woman connected to her feminine side.

    Finesse and elegance are values that stem from a deep admiration for classic Italian craftsmanship that guides every step of our process, using clothing as a vehicle for self-expression and individuality.

    We believe in timeless-style and use materials of the highest quality to make sure that our designs will stay in your wardrobe forever.